Asia - Early Tutorial

Asia - Early Tutorial

Tutorial in all servers of the game

This is the Tutorial page. It contains the basic guides from the game throughout the tutorial, and the storyline.

''Notice: If the player chooses to start the tutorial, the player may view this story in-game. However, this storyline is non-rewatchable in game.''

Basic Functions that are taught in Tutorial:

The tutorial shows the basic controls of a battle, which are the Game Speed Control (x2 button), Activate/Deactivate Auto Skills (Auto Skill button), Tap to use a skill; Tap & Hold to check skill's detail (Hero's skill), Pause Game/System Menu (Pause button) and Live chat (Chat bubble button). In the lobby, the tutorial shows how to let heroes join a team, how to power up heroes and how to equip items on heroes.

Storyline of Tutorial

Divine Palace
Evan, Yuri and Ariel are facing Rachel, one of the Seven Knights.
Rachel6 Icon Rachel: Evan, you need to calm down.
Evan6 Icon Evan: You guys are going to kill Karin! Aren't you?!
Rachel6 Icon Rachel: Be rational!! If the God of Destruction awakens, it's all over!
Evan6 Icon Evan: So you are asking Karin to sacrifice herself... to save this world?! I can't let that happen!
The game then asks the player to tap Multi Slash, one of Evan's skills to attack Rachel. Rachel got stunned and Yuri tells the team to move on. As the team moves on to the next stage, they meet Eileene, one of the Seven Knights.
Eileene6 Icon Eileene: This is insane!
The game then asks the player to tap Shield of Order, another skill of Evan to prevent himself from Electrify from Eileene's active skill, Thunder's Lord Fury. Both Yuri and Ariel are electrified except Evan.
Evan6 Icon Evan: How can you be so sure that the resurrection will be stopped if she dies?
Eileene6 Icon Eileene: Trust me! At this rate, the God of Destruction will surely be resurrected! Think about it! This is for the good of the world.
Heavenia6 Icon Heavenia: Evan! I'm here to help!
Heavenia then appears as a friend leader, and the player needs to summon their friend's leader, then tap one of Heavenia's skill, Judgement's Sword, to stun Eileene.
Heavenia6 Icon Heavenia: How can those who abandon their friends be trusted to save the world! Go Evan! You can do this! Save Karin!
Evan then moves on to the next stage alone, and meet three Seven Knights which are Rudy, Spike, and Kris.
Rudy6 Icon Rudy: Evan, did you not listen to their warning?
Evan6 Icon Evan: It doesn't matter! I will save Karin!
Rudy6 Icon Rudy: If saving this world requires sacrificing a life... That is a burden that we... the Seven Knights must bear!
Evan6 Icon Evan: I refuse to abandon my ally for such a reason!
Rudy6 Icon Rudy: Then you leave me with no choice. I must stop you here.
Rudy then attacks Evan using Rush, one of Rudy's skill to stun Evan. Evan mumbles in pain, but he still stands.
Evan6 Icon Evan: I won't... give up!
Spike6 Icon Spike: Then take this!
Spike uses one of his skill, Severe Cold Earthquake, to freeze Evan. Evan got frozen after he says the name of the one he must save, Karin...
Evan6 Icon Evan: I knew that I wouldn't be able to beat them, but... I... won't be able to protect you any longer, Karin... I am so... sorry...
1 year ago... It later brings the player to the main lobby screen, and shows a conversation between Evan and Karin.
Karin2 Icon Karin: Evan! Are you ready yet?
Evan2 Icon Evan: Yeah, I'm done! I'll be right there!
Karin2 Icon Karin: Hurry up! We're late!
Evan2 Icon Evan: My bad! I'm here!
Karin2 Icon Karin: Let's go!
The game guides the player to let Karin join the team, and continues the conversation.
Karin2 Icon Karin: We are taking our first step to our journey!
Evan2 Icon Evan: This day has finally arrived.
After the player chooses the first stage of the adventure, the conversation continues.
Karin2 Icon Karin: Evan! You forgot about our allies!
The trial Knight was added as the friend summon, and entered the stage. The conversation continues.
Evan2 Icon Evan: Whew! That was close. We made it out, Karin!
Karin2 Icon Karin: You need to get stronger. Come, Evan.
The game then asks the player to power up Evan.
Karin2 Icon Karin: Here's the hero that we found during our adventure. This hero will make you stronger!
Evan2 Icon Evan: Whoa! Thank you, Karin. I feel stronger!
Karin2 Icon Karin: You're welcome! Oh! I almost forgot! We can't go out without your weapon!
The game then asks the player to equip a weapon on Evan.
Karin2 Icon Karin: There's a weapon right there. You should equip it!
Evan2 Icon Evan: Awesome! Thank you! Shall we go now?
Karin2 Icon Karin: Evan, do you see that over there? Follow the Guide Quest to get rewards! It'll help you get stronger faster!
The tutorial ends here.