Here's a list of storylines that appear in different moments in the game, Seven Knights.

Notice: The story in this page follows the story of Seven Knights in the Global/Asia server only. Some stories of Seven Knights: Season 2 appears only in the Korea version of the game.

Noho's Records & Yui's Song

Guide to read the story in game:

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Records Reading Room
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Noho's Records
Prologue, Guild War Debut, and Episodes
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Yui's Song
Scenes throughout the game

Event & Other Stories

Event Stories Other Stories

Timeline Story List

The following list is arranged properly according to the flow of the story: Timeline Story List

Unreleased stories

From Korean Server
Exclusive Items Heroes' Quests Interludes Events Other
From Japanese Server
Relationship Dungeons Heroes' Quests Bosses Events Other
From Chinese Server
Heroes' Quests