The Legend BeginsEdit

On the day the Sun refuse to rise...


It is said that twelve chosen Humans of Earth were blessed by the God of Destruction to wield a portion of his strength.


Seven of the twelve hail from the land of Asgar, where their newfound power threatened each other to brink of war.


The Goddess Elena, taking pity upon these acts of humans, selected a boy as her tool to prevent war, bestowing her powers deep within his consciousness.


The boy, Evan, now sets out on a journey to unlock the secrets of an ancient family heirloom. Evan, the grandchild of the General of Terra Kingdom, sets out of a journey to fulfill his grandfather's will to unveil the secrets of his heirloom necklace.


Accompanied by Karin, the girl who Evan saved from a goblin attack that destroyed everything she holds dear...


Evan now journeys deep into the crisic world of the Seven Knights...