Seven Knights icon Special PetsEdit

Seven Knights icon 7 KNIGHTS
Adventurers icon SCARY FRIENDS
Four Lords icon FOUR LORDS
Four Lords of Old icon FOUR LORDS OF OLD
(unreleased) (unreleased) (unreleased) (unreleased)

Evan's Crew icon Normal PetsEdit

Evan's Crew icon EVAN'S CREW
Adventurers icon ADVENTURERS
Terra icon TERRA
(unreleased) (unreleased) (unreleased)
Crusaders icon CRUSADERS
(unreleased) (unreleased)
Guild Allied Force icon ALLIANCE OF GUILDS
(unreleased) (unreleased)
Dark Magic Research Tower icon DARK MAGIC RESEARCH TOWER

Asgar icon Asgar PetsEdit

Asgar icon ASGAR

Aisha icon Aisha PetsEdit

Aisha icon AISHA
(unreleased) (unreleased) (unreleased) (unreleased) (unreleased)

Elements icon Misc. PetsEdit

Elements icon MISC
Event Heroes icon EVENT