The world of Seven Knights is divided by two continents: Asgar (Maps 1 to 7) and Aisha (Maps 8 to 13).

The Asgar maps have three difficulties: Easy, Normal, and Hard. The Aisha maps have only two difficulties: Easy and Normal. On each difficulty, completing a map unlocks the next map.

Some of the game's more powerful enemies only appear as bosses and drops on higher difficulties.

Asgar Edit

Mystic Woods Edit

Mystic Woods icon

Land of mushrooms, plants, pandas, and the Slime Tribe. Invaded by the Goblin Tribe. Protected by Rudy and Karon. Terra Kingdom (with Arena and Guild War Castles), Rudy's Castle, and Abandoned Mansion (Earth Element's Special Dungeon) are located here.

Silent Mine Edit

Silent Mine icon

Lair of arachnids and bats. Invaded by the Orc Tribe, from Blazing Desert. Protected by Eileene. Eileene's Castle, Alli's Maze (Equipment Special Dungeon), and Tartarus are located here.

Blazing Desert Edit

Blazing Desert icon

Land of armadillos, scorpions, and the Hyena Thief Tribe. Ruled by Leo. Protected by Rachel. Rachel's Castle and Temple Remains (Fire Element's Special Dungeon) are located here. Storm Wing inhabits here.

Dark Grave Edit

Dark Grave icon

Land of the Undead Army, led by Bane. Protected by Dellons. Dellons's Castle, Lania's Warehouse (Gold Special Dungeon), and Celestial Tower are located here. Destroyer Gaze, Furious Slayer, Brilliant Slaughterer, and other dragons inhabit here.

Dragon Ruins Edit

Dragon Ruins icon

Land of trolls, nagas, and the lizardman Tribe. Protected by Jave. Jave's Castle and Ancient Underworld (Water Element's Special Dungeon) are located here.

Frozen Land Edit

Frozen Land icon

Land of yetis and bears. Ruled by Lania. Protected by Spike. Spike's Castle and Secret Mine (Light Element's Special Dungeon) are located here.

Purgatory Edit

Purgatory icon

Land of imps, demons, and gargoyles. Protected by Kris. Kris's Castle and Old Ruined Castle (Dark Element's Special Dungeon) are located here.

Aisha Edit

Moonlit Isle Edit

Moonlite Isle icon

Land of Lunar Ninja Clan and the Holy Cross Crusaders. It's formed by Blossom Harbor (Jin's territory), Path of Solitude (Daisy's territory), Celestial Gate (Ace's territory), and Mist Isle (Dellons and Crusaders's territory).

Western Empire Edit

Western Empire icon

Land of dragons and phoenixes. It's formed by Endless Rampart (Feng Yan's territory), Flourishing Market (Bai Long's territory), and Crimson Canyon (Lu Bu's territory).

Eastern Empire Edit

Eastern Empire icon

Land of sages. It's formed by Sage Peak (Sun Wukong's territory) and Divine Palace (Teo's territory).

Dark Sanctuary Edit

Dark Sanctuary icon

Palace of Emperor Pascal. Protected by Karma and Princess Rin.

Shadow's Eye Edit

Shadow's Eye icon

Hideout of the Shadow Clan. Ruled by Kyle.

Heaven’s Staircase Edit

Heavenly Stairs icon

Land of the White Wolves. Protected by Yeonhee.

Mystic Woods
Mystic Woods
Silent Mine
Silent Mine
Blazing Desert
Blazing Desert
Dark Grave
Dark Grave
Dragon Ruins
Dragon Ruins
Frozen Land
Frozen Land
Moonlite Isle
Moonlit Isle
Western Empire
Western Empire
Eastern Empire
Eastern Empire
Dark Sanctuary
Dark Sanctuary
Eye of Shadow
Shadow's Eye
Heavenly Stairs
Heavenly Stairs
Blossom Harbor Endless Rampart Sage Peak
Path of Solitude Flourishing Market Divine Palace
Celestial Gate Crimson Canyon
Mist Isle
Rudy Icon
Rudy's Castle
Eileene Icon
Eileene's Castle
Rachel Icon
Rachel's Castle
Dellons Icon
Dellons's Castle
Jave Icon
Jave's Castle
Spike Icon
Spike's Castle
Kris Icon
Kris's Castle
Earth Element Icon

Light Element Icon

Water Element Icon

Dark Element Icon
Old Ruined

Fire Element Icon

Lania Icon

Alli Icon

Event Dungeons
Klahan7 Icon
Klahan's Dungeon
Miho7 Icon
Miho's Dungeon
Amelia7 Icon
Amelia's Dungeon
Roro7 Icon
Roro's Dungeon
6★ Flower Rice Cake Icon
Rice Cake Dungeon
Power Up Crystal Icon
Power Up Crystal Dungeon
Rachel - Winter Gift icon
Winter Nightmare
Velika Icon
Pumpkin Party
Ryan7 Icon
Revolutionaries Dungeon
Klahan Awaken Icon
Klahan's Advent Dungeon
Elysia Awaken Icon
Elysia's Advent Dungeon
Hellenia Awaken Icon
Hellenia's Advent Dungeon
Evan Awaken Icon
Evan's Advent Dungeon
Karin Awaken Icon
Karin's Advent Dungeon
Ariel - Happy Winter icon
Holiday Dungeon
Dark Element Icon
Element Dungeon
Noho Icon
Noho's Special Dungeon
Da Qiao Icon
Recommended Heroes Dungeon
Sieg Icon
Dragon Heroes Dungeon
Iron Devourer Icon
Iron Devourer
Storm Wing Icon
Storm Wing
Niu Mo Wang Icon
Niu Mo Wang
Dark Crown Prince Icon
Dark Crown Prince
Demon of Destruction Pascal Icon
Demon of Destruction
Event Bosses
Shadow Karma Icon
Shadow Karma's Advent
Sun Wukong Icon
Sun Wukong's Advent Dungeon
Ace Icon
Ace's Advent Dungeon
Celestial Tower enter icon
Celestial Tower
Raid enter icon
Tartarus enter icon
Dimensional Arena enter icon
Dimensional Arena
Guild Dungeon enter icon
Guild Dungeon
Guild War enter icon
Guild War
Arena enter icon
Exploration Team enter icon
Exploration Team
Raccoon Icon
Mine - Underground
Ruri Icon
Ruri's Bounty Warehouse