Kyle Icon
Name: Kyle
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Height: 1.82 m
Weight: 73 kg
Birthday: November 4
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse: None
Children: None
Relatives: Unknown

Kyle6 big

Kyle is a skilled assassin. Before the war, Kyle assassinated an official of the Shadow Clan, the father of Ballista and Kyrielle. Since this, Kyle was pursued by Ballista, who is seeking vengeance.

Hired by an unknown person to kill Teo. He was unsuccessful and was scarred across his face as a result (Teo too).

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In Season 2, he awakens when Bai Jiao inflicts some power of destruction into him and fights Taka. He wants to destroy the Night Crows.


Silver Flash
Kyle - Silver Flash icon HP +100 Kyle - Silver Flash screen
ATK +20
DEF +10
Kyle - Silver Flash

White Wafers
Kyle - White Wafers icon HP +100 Kyle - White Wafers screen
ATK +20
DEF +10
Kyle - White Wafers

Fiery Summer Vacationer
Kyle - Fiery Summer Vacationer icon HP +100 Kyle - Fiery Summer Vacationer screen
ATK +20
DEF +10
Kyle - Fiery Summer Vacationer

Diver's Vacation
Kyle - Diver's Vacation icon HP +100 Kyle - Diver's Vacation screen
ATK +20
DEF +10
Kyle - Diver's Vacation

Destroyer of the Abyss
Kyle - Destroyer of the Abyss icon HP +300 Kyle - Destroyer of the Abyss screen
ATK +50
DEF +30
Kyle - Destroyer of the Abyss

Unreleased CostumesEdit

Multiple Damper
Kyle - Multiple Damper icon Kyle - Multiple Damper
HP +100
ATK +20
DEF +10

Guild Guardian
Kyle - Guild Guardian icon Kyle - Guild Guardian
HP +100
ATK +20
DEF +10

Mini Mini Evening
Kyle - Mini Mini Evening icon Kyle - Mini Mini Evening
HP +100
ATK +20
DEF +10

3rd General Election SP Costume
Kyle - 3rd General Election SP Costume icon Kyle - 3rd General Election SP Costume

Six-Pointed Crystal
Kyle - Six-Pointed Crystal icon Kyle - Six-Pointed Crystal
HP +300
ATK +60
DEF +30

Arena Leader
Kyle - Arena Leader icon Kyle - Arena Leader
HP +400
ATK +80
DEF +40