Grim Reaper Dellons

4 Stars Icon
Dellons4 Icon
Grim Reaper Dellons Seven Knights icon Seven Knights
Offensive mini icon Offensive
Stats Lv. 30 +0 Lv. 46 +5
HP HP: 1893 3421
ATK P.ATK: 623 1738
DEF DEF: 328 945
SPD SPD: 24 24
Recommended Equipment
Weapon Critical Rate Gem Counter Rate Increase
Armor Counter Rate Gem Damage Increase
Accessory Critical Damage Increase Gem Critical Damage Increase
Additional Information
How to acquire: Seven Knight Ticket icon Seven Knight Ticket; Seven Knight Ticket icon Seven Knight Selector Ticket; Special Hero Ticket icon Special Hero Ticket; Fusion (2x Heroes 3★); Package of Clovers icon Package of Clovers
It is not known how Dark Knight Dellons became a Grim Reaper. Judging by his hesitation to cause harm, perhaps he isn't a full Reaper just yet.
Boundary of Death Boundary of Death Passive Becomes immune to all damage 2 times. (This effect also applies to Ignore Armor and Piercing Attacks.) Additionally, increase the Damage of all allies by 30%. Also, decreases skill cooldowns by 5 seconds with each basic attack. (This effect also applies to Counterattack and Speed Attack.)
Deadly Strike Deadly Strike 80' Inflicts 80% Physical Damage on 1 enemy 3 times. Additionally, piercing will take effect, and ignores the enemy's Defense.
Advent Grim Reaper Advent Grim Reaper 80' Inflicts 80% Physical Damage on all enemies. Silences one target or more at a certain rate for 2 turns.
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Rank Up
Dellons Rank Up
Dellons Awakening