Goddess Elena is a goddess who selected Evan as the person who will prevent the war within Seven Knights. In the prologue of the story, she appears when she bestow Evan and tells that she elected a boy as her tool to prevent war, bestowing her powers deep within his consciousness, which the boy was Evan. In the game, she's a guide for players throughout the game. This article shows the dialogues from her within the game.

Fusion tutorial

Goddess Elena: "Yikes! I almost forgot this! It's the 'Fusion System'! Fuse 2 of your Heroes to collect a better hero with this system!"

Goddess Elena: "Shall we learn how to use this system-? To fuse, you'll need 2 Heroes with same rank at Level 30 and +5 Power up! Fusions have a 100% success rate! You'll collect a Hero with a higher grade than the material hero!"

After the first conversation with Snipper

Goddess Elena: "Since you got a new hero, why don't you place the hero on your team? Follow my lead!"

*After placing Snipper in your team*

Goddess Elena: "Amazing! A new hero has joined your team! Continue your journey with your new hero!"

Whenever player completes a quest that continues

Goddess Elena: "You've completed a guide quest! Collect your reward first! The next quest won't activate until you collect your reward! Well then, good luck."

Accessing Celestial Tower

Goddess Elena: "Long time no see! I am here to give you valuable information! You can now access Celestial Tower! Follow the finger icon and tap the enter button."

*Player taps 'Adventure' and reach sub menu page*

Goddess Elena: "Follow the finger icon and tap the enter button."

*Player taps 'Celestial Tower' and enters the main page of Celestial Tower*

Goddess Elena: "This is Celestial Tower! Nobody has reached the top so nobody knows what's up there! Challenge yourself! Give it a try!"

Goddess Elena: "Let's enter 1st floor of Celestial Tower. Follow the finger icon and tap Ready."

Player Level Up

Goddess Elena: "Player level up! Great job! Congratulations! Here's _ Keys as a gift!" Note that different levels will be rewarded different amount of keys. The higher the level of the player, the more that keys that the player will be rewarded.

Rank Up Guide

Goddess Elena: "Are you having a hard time during your adventures? Ranking up your heroes will help immensely. Follow my lead to learn more about Rank Up!"

*Player follows the guide and gets to the page which players need to select material for Rank Up.*

Goddess Elena: "Rank Up allows you to increase your hero's rank! In order to Rank Up your hero, your base hero must be Lv. 30 and +5 and you will need the same type of element."

Goddess Elena: "I'll provide the element this first time so you can try it out. Follow the finger icon and Rank Up your hero."

*After Rank Up Jupy to 4 star*

Goddess Elena: "Well done! Rank Up more heroes to build a stronger team!"

Mastery Skill Guide

Goddess Elena: "Wow! Your level has reached Lv. 10! It's about time to learn a Mastery Skills! Follow my instruction."

*Player clicks the Mastery icon*

Goddess Elena: "You can learn some mastery skills when you reach certain player level! Also, you may unlock more of them with Rubies!"

Goddess Elena: "Since you've reached LV 10, Let's learn the LV 10 Mastery skill without spending any Rubies! Check the details of the mastery by holding the icon. Let's activate one of the Mastery Skill now."