Charming Fox Yuri

3 Stars Icon
Yuri3 Icon
Charming Fox Yuri Blazing Desert icon Blazing Desert
Magic mini icon Magic
Stats Lv. 30 +0 Lv. 46 +5
HP HP: 382 1590
ATK M.ATK: 212 826
DEF DEF: 76 313
SPD SPD: 13 13
Recommended Equipment
Weapon Critical Rate Gem Counter Rate Increase
Armor Max HP Gem Damage Increase
Accessory Critical Rate Gem Critical Damage Increase
Additional Information
How to acquire: Blazing Desert (Normal & Hard 3-5, 3-10); Rare Hero Pack icon 3-6★ Hero x11 Summon; Rare Hero Ticket icon 3-6★ Hero Summon; Common Hero Pack icon 1-5★ Hero x11 Summon; Common Hero Ticket icon 1-5★ Hero Summon; Rare Hero Ticket icon Rare Hero Ticket; Common Hero Ticket icon Common Hero Ticket; Fusion (2x Heroes 2★); Package of Clovers icon Package of Clovers; Rank Up Three-Tailed Fox Yuri
The extended exposure to the desert has altered this 500-year old fox's coat color. She possesses surprisingly great powers and abilities.
File:.png Passive
Spirit Drain Spirit Drain 60' Inflicts 140% Magic Damage on 1 enemy. Provides Lifesteal by 70% of damage given.
Magic Orb Magic Orb 70' Inflicts 60% Magic Damage on all enemies. Silences the enemy for 2 turns at a certain rate.
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[[File:{{{skill3}}}.png|64px|]] {{{skill3}}} Awakened Skill {{{sk3desc}}}
Rank Up
Yuri Rank Up
Yuri Rank Up2
Yuri Awakening