The ResolveEdit

This happens after Adventure Stage 1-10 (Easy Mode).
Mystic Woods
Karin2 Icon Karin: Finally, we've reached the edge of Terra.
Snipper4 Icon Snipper: These Goblins! They're more reckless than before. It's getting late. Let's find a place to rest for the night. You guys get some sleep.
Evan2 Icon Evan: Karin, aren't you tired?
Karin2 Icon Karin: This is nothing. Actually, I feel better now that I'm moving around!
Evan2 Icon Evan: Our journey will really begin when we leave the woods. Karin, are you sure you're okay traveling with me?
Karin2 Icon Karin: What are you talking about, Evan?
Evan2 Icon Evan: I feel like I'm dragging you into my problems... And this will be a long and difficult journey...
Karin2 Icon Karin: Evan, you rescued me! I owe you my life. This is nothing compared to that... Or, are you saying I won't be any help to you?
Evan2 Icon Evan: No! No way!
Karin2 Icon Karin: I'm helping you because I want to, Evan. It's a bit scary for me to settle down in a village, anyway. Let me do what I want... at least for a while.
Evan2 Icon Evan: Thanks, Karin.
Karin2 Icon Karin: Haha. Don't worry about it.
Evan2 Icon Evan: Fox's Oasis is in the Blazing Desert. We have to go through Silent Mine and on to Fodina, so it's going to be quite a long journey. We need to make sure we're prepared.