Being FramedEdit

This happens after Adventure Stage 1-5 (Easy Mode).
Mystic Woods
Kris6 Icon Kris: I can't believe Rudy traded shifts with me just to see that kid off. He still doesn’t act like one of the Seven Knights. Hmm... That patrol sure is late getting back...
A light suddenly shoved the land with an earthquake.
Kris6 Icon Kris: What the?! What's going on here?! Hey, are you alright? Hey! ...Are there any other survivors?
Knox6 Icon Knox: Commander...
Kris6 Icon Kris: Knox?! What happened?
Knox6 Icon Knox: A great... light... burned us all... There was... a white knight... He was... ukk!
Kris6 Icon Kris: Light? A white knight...? You mean... Rudy?! Hey! Only Rudy and I can use the Power of Light... Rudy... How dare he betray us!
Rook4 Icon Soldier: We found a survivor, sir! Sir Rudy is over here! He’s injured!
Kris6 Icon Kris: Rudy?! Damn, is this some kind of a trap? Hang on, Knox. I won't let you die.