Snipper the HunterEdit

This happens after Adventure Stage 1-2 (Easy Mode).
Mystic Woods
Evan2 Icon Evan: Snipper!
Snipper4 Icon Snipper: Evan! It's been a while! I heard you were heading to Fox's Oasis. I'm headed in that direction, too. We should travel together.
Karin2 Icon Karin: We’d love for you to join us! Where are you going?
Snipper4 Icon Snipper: I'm heading back home, to the Frozen Land.
Evan2 Icon Evan: I’m sure your family will be thrilled to see you! It's been so long since your last visit.
Snipper4 Icon Snipper: Hmm... I'm not so sure about that...
Evan2 Icon Evan: Huh? What do you mean?
Snipper4 Icon Snipper: Never mind. Let's get out of the woods before the sun sets and the Goblins find us.